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IICL Online Dry Van Container Training Course (CSC Online Course Bonus)


Credits: N/A

Base Price: $156.00

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The online training was created with the support and assistance of industry experts with more than  210 years of collective experience in container global management and technical expertise in the industry. This is our pioneer course and we plan on enhancing and updating the course in the future as we too learn how to make it more interesting and informative.  We hope you will enjoy the course and learn some new things.

Once students buy the course, they will have unlimited access to the course for 15 days starting with the purchase date to watch the course at their preferred pace. After 15 days the access to the course will be disabled. Purchasing the course allows access to one viewer using one device. The course is protected by copyrights and no part of it should be copied, recorded, relayed, or distributed by any means. The IICL will monitor and act against illegal use of the course material.

We recommend students to follow the course having available the following manuals:

  • Repair Manual for Steel Freight Containers, 5th Ed.
  • Supp. on Inspection & Repair: Gray Areas, 2nd ed.
  • Guide for Container Equip. Inspection, 6th Ed.
  • General Guide for Container Cleaning, 3rd Ed.


We also recommend that you take the time to watch the course and follow the topics by assessing our website and the other topics addressed during the course.

Below please find a short summary of topics that are covered:

  1. IICL role in the industry
  2. Container History
  3. Safety
  4. Identification and markings
  5. Conventions and requirements
  6. Components and codes
  7. Brief overview of container new production
  8. Materials
  9. Damage concepts and inspection techniques
  10. Damage versus wear and tear
  11. Overview of Inspections and tolerances
  12. Overview of Repairs and limitations

*Purchase of the IICL Online Dry Van Container Training Course allows free of charge access to the CSC Online Course.