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Refrigerated Container Inspector Certification Examination


Credits: N/A

Available Until: 12/31/2024

Base Price: $650.00

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NEW: Refrigerated Container Inspector Certification Examination

The IICL refrigerated container exam was developed to assess inspector’s knowledge, experience and understanding of the IICL General Guide for Refrigerated Container Inspection and Repair 4th edition, the IICL General Guide for Container Cleaning, 3rd Ed. available for purchase in the IICL online store and corresponding technical bulletins that are available at . In addition, candidates to the certification should not only study the general guide and technical bulletins but also spend time in the field familiarizing themselves with refrigerated container designs, markings, components, inspection and repair techniques.

The examination is held around the world in over 5,100 examination centers. Some questions on the exam are broken down into multiple queries on the same subject or component. Candidates should focus on the questions at hand and choices available. Each question has only one choice, choose the option that BEST represents the answer to the topic.

Candidates will have 150 minutes to complete the exam that consists of 100 multiple choice items. Additional 15 minutes are allocated to the introduction and clarifications including mandatory agreement to the IICL Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to starting the exam.  The exam is a closed book examination and the passing score is 70%

Measurements are provided in metric and imperial, if there is a discrepancy, the metric value prevails.

Currently candidates may elect to take the exam on refrigerated containers in English, Spanish or Chinese. Candidates must decide in which language they want to take the exam at the time of registration and when they schedule their examination location, date and time.

All candidates who pass the exam receive an IICL certificate. The certification is valid for five years, after which, an inspector must pass the exam again to become re-certified. Certified inspectors are listed in the IICL Inspection Directory, which is updated annually. The Directory also includes companies that employ IICL-certified inspectors and features professional advertisement listings by depot/repair and surveying companies.  

You will be able to view your exam results within 2 days of the exam date and print your certification document by logging into your IICL user account in and clicking on the Transcript tab.

One of the IICL’s leading missions is to support and promote education in our industry. We value and recognize the commitment and professionalism of inspectors that keep themselves up to date with new developments and enhancements in the marketplace. The IICL Refrigerated Container Certificates will display such recognition and appreciation showing the status level of the inspectors.